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Flower Mill B2B

Next-Gen Premium 2.5" Stainless Series - Black

Next-Gen Premium 2.5" Stainless Series - Black

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  • Thicker materials for increased strength and durability, to ensure long lasting use.
  • Engineered with high-quality, BPA-free plastic bushing and thrust washer for optimized performance.
  • New one-piece rotor knob with more aggressive flutes and rigid mill plates for a faster and lower effort milling experience.
  • Equipped with an all new removable stainless steel pollen screen machined for precision pollen collection and consistent particle separation. 
  • Enhanced ergonomics with a larger diameter and taller knob for a comfortable grip, and an improved storage ring with a knurled surface for easy removal. 
  • New one-piece precision cut food grade stainless steel mill plate (#3 - Medium) with an integrated center rod, perfect for all types of consumption types. Not compatible with previous generation mill plates.

Capacity - up to 3.5g

Dimensions - 2.6in (66mm) W x 1.8in (46mm) H

Mass - 297g


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